Staple Tacos

served on double 4" white corn tortillas with a side of house-made tortilla chips

Al Pastor: A flavorful pork marinated in a special blend of spices + pineapple. With onion, cilantro, queso fresco + salsa verde

Pollo: Tender, citrus-marinated chicken with cabbage, mango pico, chipotle crema + salsa roja

Carne Asada: Skirt steak, perfectly grilled. With onion, cilantro, queso fresco + salsa roja

Camarón: Chili-lime shrimp with cabbage, mango pico, salsa ahumada + chipotle crema

Champiñones: Butter-garlic grilled mushrooms with cabbage, corn + anaheim chile pico + salsa verde all on top of griddled cotija cheese


Melty cheese with choice of meat (chicken, steak, pork, shrimp or mushroom) inside a folded 10" flour tortilla. Served with a side-salad of cabbage, pico, chipotle crema + salsa ahumada + house-made tortilla chips

By special request, we are pleased to offer:

-Lengua: Cow tongue 

-Nopal: Cactus

-Pescado: Seasonally available fish



Freshly made tortilla chips

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Mexican Coke Bottles

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